Pre-1990 Projects


Client Description Environment
EMC2 Inc Evaluated and enhanced a video compression algorithm that used insights in the way in which the human visual system operates and then liased with programmers working on a software simulation. Microsoft C
HyperCOM ApS Developed a concept of a portable Teletext receiver (TeleAlert™) that notifies the user when news in their defined areas of interest arrives. Added features to a Windows 3 program to display Teletext pages. Responsible for graphics mosaics, double height characters and printing. Borland C++ Version 3
Reuters Ltd Developed a concept for a new software product (Assist™) that combines information known to the user with that from news sources. Smalltalk/V Windows Version 2 with WindowBuilder
Information Requirements NV Developed, using radio modems, software to implement a wide-area network in countries where the telephone system is unreliable.

Developed prototype of user interface for a tractor dealership system. Used novel 3-d graphic approach to identification of spare parts.

Commissioned to provide advice on Quality Assurance and to evaluate development methodologies and related software tools.

QNX (real-time Unix on IBM PCs) application in QCL Script/C

Smalltalk/V 286

Recommended the French PSP CASE methodology

The Spastics Society Conceived and developed an IT strategy based on an interlinked series of LANs. The strategy replaced one developed by a major consultancy. Strategy based on IBM PCs running Windows 3 and linked by Novell NetWare
Shaw & Co. Ltd Undertook the role of project manager for the development and maintenance of the computer system at a private client stockbroker. Undertook research and produced recommendations on system management and the development of IT. Managed the development of the system to handle the Electricity issue. Developed specialised project management database using Superbase for Windows.

The Electricity issue program was written in C on a Pyramid system running Unix.

Idex A/S Developed various software components of a IBM mainframe protocol converter including: user interface, printer driver and copy-protection security system. Developed a software driver to support a wide range of colour printers. Developed a suite of programs to allow users to configure these protocol converters and wrote the user manual for this package.

Developed prototype of Autoform™. It used forms created with a Windows based desk-top publisher and mapped output from IBM mainframe systems into spaces on the forms. One unique feature of the product, developed during prototyping, was that the unit could store more than one form design and automatically select the correct one based on the contents of the data stream from the mainframe.

The protocol converter was an embedded system, running a real-time operating system, using a 6809 microprocessor. The configuration package was written in Zortech C on IBM PC

Autoform was developed in Smalltalk/V on IBM PC

LSI Logic Ltd Evaluated software packages ranging from ASIC Design packages through financial services to CASE tools. Reports included supplier evaluation and development techniques. Prepared reports that covered whether the package met the purchaser's requirements, its usability, the quality systems employed during development, what support is available and an assessment of the developer's business.  
RGB Graphics Ltd Managed the porting of the business graphics package to IBM PCs. RM Fortran-77
Crown Computer Graphics Ltd Developed Letterbox™ - an automatic outline digitiser. This system converted video images into vector-based data. Fortran-77 on an HP-1000 running RTE-A
GP Elliot Ltd Developed a display station for a laser pollution detector (Eagle™) that included, as a key element, a byte-oriented version of HDLC - including CRC error detection, multiple retries and automatic link start-up. Embedded system written in 6809 Assembler
Coopers Filters Ltd Developed the control system for a foam-injection machine. Used a graphical user interface and drove a 3 x 2 metre X-Y table, co-ordinated with the movement of a track. 6809 Assembler using a multi-processor / multi-tasking system
Anpal Finance Ltd Developed a specialised accounting system for an invoice discounting company. C on Wicat 150 running MCS (Unix)
Serck Controls Ltd Developed support software (including multi-tasking operating system and automated board testing programs) for a family of micro-computer boards. 6809 Assembler